Born Into Darkness

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Amber is the night curator at the Bostonian Museum where she happily surrounds herself with artifacts and relics of the past. Considering she is a vampire, and has been for over two hundred years, she feels right at home. Her sanctuary proves fleeting however when she finds the new assistant curator breaking into an exhibit. Instead of acting surprised, Nathan confronts her with a strange proposition - help him find the legendary Shroud of Lazarus, a relic said to cure any ill, including her vampirism. Agreeing, they set off but soon realize that it is a dangerous quest leading them to resolve a deadly past and confront an impending evil.
Take this gripping journey with Amber and Nathan to recover the Shroud! Visit dark and
unwelcoming locations searching for its final resting place. Unearth obscure remnants once draped in blood and conspiracy to pick up the trail. Solve baffling puzzles, fend off other vampires, piece together strange clues, and make the connections between past and future. Above all, summon your courage to stay the course because you may not like what you find.
# Take a shadowy journey through ancient conspiracies in this hidden object thriller
# Locate a miraculous Shroud said to cure any ill
# Resolve a deadly past and confront an impending evil
# Solve baffling puzzles and fend off bloodthirsty vampires
# Lift the vampiric curse or be doomed forever
System Requirements
    * Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 2000
    * 800 MHz Pentium 4 or equivalent
    * 256MB RAM
    * DirectX 9.0


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